Bruja Hair Salon

Bruja Hair Salon
Magic is in the Hair

Conjuring the best you in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood.
We offer Devacurl services and use Kevin Murphy color and product to give your hair the best treatment.


Stylist and head bruja


Tisha has been a hairstylist in Seattle for almost a decade, with interests in hair, art, music, nature, fashion and tech. Tisha's keen eye and attention to detail along with her extensive background in color theory and continuing education means she brings with every service her passion for conjuring the best you.

It's not just a glamor it's a transformation!

Kevin Murphy

We use Kevin Murphy color and hair products at Bruja because they offer exceptional care for your hair, and are environmentally conscious. They are committed to products that are sulphate and paraben free and use no animal testing.

We have their product ready to buy at our salon, but if you would like Kevin Murphy delivered straight to your door, you can order product here:

Water at sunrise

Bruja Salon Fundraiser
Art Auction


#1 Francois

Francois Noir Battilion digital watercolor 8x10 print and framed.
Initial bid: $25

Old Francios

#2 Old Francois

Old Francois in oil paint on canvas 24x34
Initial bid: $300

Nicholas Grant

#3 Nicholas Grant

Nicholas in watercolor and ink 8x10 in 11x14 frame, matted
Initial bid: $75

Deaton the Doe

#4 Deaton the Doe

Deaton the Doe, oil on canvas 30x40.
Initial bid: $500

Mystic in Water

#5 Mystic in Water

Mystic in Water, arcylic, 34x24
Initial bid: $200

Lana del Bae

#6 Lana del Bae

Lana del Bae, oil on canvas, 18x36 (unfinished)
Initial bid: $175